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  • Military Surplus Price List
    BDU Battle Dress Uniform, Woodland Camouflage, NEW, Battle Dress Uniform Shirt / Jackets   $ 10.99 - $12.99
    BDU Battle Dress Uniform, Woodland Camouflage, NEW, Battle Dress Uniform Trousers           $ 12.95 - $15.45
    BDU Battle Dress Uniform, Woodland Camouflage, USED, Battle Dress Uniform Shirt / Jacket    $  4.99 - $11.99
    BDU Battle Dress Uniform, Woodland Camouflage, USED, Battle Dress Uniform Trousers          $   8.45 - $13.95
    DCU Camouflage Cloth for sewing 1.5 yards per piece in octagon shape. $2.00/each
    DCU Desert Camouflage Uniform, Combat, NEW, Jacket, New, Desert Camouflage $10.99 - $12.99
    DCU Desert Camouflage Uniform, Combat, NEW, Trousers, New, Desert Camouflage $12.95 - $15.45
    DCU Desert Camouflage Uniform, Combat, USED, Jacket, Used, Desert Camouflage $4.99 - $11.99
    DCU Desert Camouflage Uniform, Combat, USED, Trousers, Used, Desert Camouflage $8.45 - $13.95
    DCU Desert Camouflage Two Piece Combat Uniform Shirt and Trousers NEW perfect condition $24.95 + $9.50 S+H
    Desert Camouflage Pack Cover. Great spare tire cover for SUV-Jeep or storage. $2.00
    Desert Camouflage PASGT Armor Cover. Limited quantities. $4.00
    ECW Extreme Cold Weather Parka, Green, Used perfect condition $18.95  Fair Condition $11.95
    ECWCS Extended Cold Weather Clothing System, Parka, Woodland Camouflage, Used, Very Good condition $59.95
    ECW Extreme Cold Weather Hood, Fur extended ruff, wired for shape, velcro and ties. Attach to any jacket with two simple buttons. $5.
    ECW Extreme Cold Weather Liner, Tops or bottoms, Used with any clothing to further Insulate from the cold. $2.00
    Field Range Burner Unit M2A, Gasoline fueled military heater, 7310011139172  (19) New $99 -  (25) Used $49
    Field Range U Fuel Tank Assembly, (11) Penn Metal Fabricating p/n 5-11-1227-29 7310010162242 New boxed $19.
    Field Range Preheater Shield, New $3
    Reyes Military Folding Sleeping Cot  NSN 7105009350422 Slightly used. Perfect covers. 78 x 29 x 18 (2) $34.95
    Marine Tan Dress Shirt and Tie. Available in many sizes and short or long sleeves, with or without stripes. used $3.95
    Marine Kahki Dress Jacket . Numerous sizes available. No belts. Used $9.95
    Marine Blue Dress Trousers . 31S or 33R. No belts. Used $6.95
    M2A Field Range Burner Units, New and Used. $50-$80
    M2A Field Range Burner unit spare parts. Tanks, generators, Pre-heaters, Heat Shields
    Parachute, Canopy, Ram Air Gliding, MC-5 by Para-Flite, Silver Gray, 810200-0X, 7 cell, 370 sq ft, No lines, loops intact.
      For civilian issue canopies, see "P" as in Parachute
    Parachute, Canopy, Round, Troop, Personnel, T-10C, 35' diam, Max Load 360#, exp Oct 2007 19099111-1-1501-2
    Parachute, Canopy, Round, Troop, Personnel, Steerable, MC1-1 35' diam, Max Load 360# (15)
    Parachute, Canopy, Round, Cargo, 28' diam, Ring Slot Construction. Nylon and Cotton. No lines, Max Load 2300# (10)
    Parachute, Accessory, Pack NB-6  Personnel, Back,  New, 1R 1670-00-078-8282 LX   P/N 60A114E2-52 for T-34, C-130, P-3 + many others
    Parachute, Accessory, Harness, 11-1-2143 Capewell "K" Releases mfg '84- '96
    Harness Parts, Hot Forged Alloy Steel
      1209 V-Ring, Accessory Attaching Ring, Military/Parachute, 1209-1 PS70123-1 $1.53/ea
      1211 Link, Parachute Removable Connector, Military/Parachute, 1211-1 PS22002-1 $ 2.81/ea
      1212 Adapter, Quick Fit, Reversible with tensioner& spring, Military/Parachute, 1212-1 PS70124-1 $ 4.27/ea
      1219B V-Ring, Adjustable without tensioner, Military/Parachute, 1219-1B PS27765-1B $ 4.57/ea
      1230 D-Ring, Parachute Harness, Military/Parachute, 1230-1 11-1-485 $ 3.65/ea
      1233E Hook, Snap, Parachute Harness Quick Fit Ejector, Military/Parachute, 1233-1E PS22017-1E $ 6.10/ea
      Capewell "K" Parachute harness release $12.20/ea
    ROTC and Military Insignia   Detailed List
    PASGT Vest Cover, Fits over Kevlar vest for 3 color Desert Camouflage DLA-84-C-0555 50% Cotton/50% Nylon 8470011157441 $4
    Shoes, Dress, Marine Issue, Used but barely noticeable and Shiny10 PAIRS
    Drill Instructor Female Officer HAT, Used, Like New. Sizes Medium 6-3/4 to 7-1/8 and Large 7-1/8 to 7-1/2. $12.95
    DCU Boonie Soft Hats. Brand new desert Camouflage military issue. $4.95
    Smokey Bear type Drill Sergeant's Hats, Used, Good condition. 6-1/2 thru 7-1/8 $13.95
    Snow Camouflage, White, Parka, Poplin, Good Used condition, $13.95
    Snow Camouflage, White, Parka, Nylon, NEW  perfect $20.95
    Snow Camouflage, White, Trouser pullover, NEW perfect condition $19.95
    Tent, Shelter half-tents, available complete with poles and stakes $14.95/pair or with no poles or stakes $2/ea
    Wet Weather Parkas, Slickers style tops with hat brim. 8405009247935-37 Great for fishing boats. New & Used $6.95+
    Wet Weather Trousers. Slickers style full bib w/suspenders. 8405009857327-30 Great for fishing boats. New & used $6.95+
    Wet Weather lightweight parka tops. 8405000011549 DLA100-91-C-4074 Used $5
    Wet Weather Poncho, Large HD Multi-Purpose rain garment, cover, tent, w/snaps & eyes. 8405002900550 New & Used $9.95+

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