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If you have any questions, please email us at DiLetteSales @ cox . net. I don't include a link because the ebay files are scanned by rogue internet bots that collect, then distribute email lists. (Not eBay's fault) Soon after, your inbox is flooded with junk mail. Hate it! Put your email address into a picture or use "at" instead of  "@" to avoid garbage mail, your customers will understand.

Our rules are simple, "Keep it simple". We aim to please.

All jewelry are inspected, cleaned, repaired and verified. If we say 14K Gold, It's because the item is stamped "14K". If we say Sterling, the item is stamped "Sterling" or (.925). The gram weights listed come directly from our precision scale. We don't guess. If we seem to include a lot of technical data, It's because we want you to have as much information as we do about the item. Don't be bashful. If you would like to make an offer for something you see, please do. We might not accept it but we will certainly make a friendly counter-offer.

All other items, including electronics, test equipment, etc. are inspected and tested within our local capabilities and the result of those tests will be a part of the auction description. What we know will be listed. If you have additional questions, send an email and we will try to answer as soon as possible, however, don't wait till the last minute and expect us to be sitting at the computer. We are a business and rarely is there anyone here to check email over the weekends or holidays.

Many of our items are covered by a no questions return policy.
The terms of that policy are as follows. The buyer assumes responsibility for S&H in both directions.  Items will have "no-tamper" seals on their cases. If a seal is penetrated, the return policy is void, no exceptions. The policy is for 7 days. The time starts at the time stamp of the UPS delivery and ends at the time stamp of the UPS pickup. Beyond 7 days the return is subject to acceptance by the seller and a restocking fee will apply. This is a short acceptance period in which the equipment can be tested for suitability and returned if the buyer finds the equipment unacceptable for their use. No questions, no hassle. Re-package the item and contact us for an RMA number and return address. When the item arrives back here in the same condition as it left, we will issue an immediate refund. If you need the equipment for a longer period, contact us for a short term lease.

Our normal shipping is via the method described prior to sale. We will gladly adjust the S&H and send via another method or carrier like Special service mail, UPS or FEDEX. Insurance is available as an option, usually for $1.30 per fifty dollars of value. If you decline the insurance, our responsibility ends when we drop it at the carrier. A bucks worth of insurance buys a lot of "piece of mind". It is definitely recommended for items over $15.

If you pay for insurance, you are covered for the amount that you paid for regardless of the presence of an insurance slip. We try to be careful, but sometimes we mess up and insure the wrong envelope. In such a case, we assume the insurance personally and will cover the loss out of our own pockets. We do the best that we can to ship via the most expeditious means available. However, no adjustments will be made for differences in postage or insurance premiums after the item leaves our shop. i.e. If we choose to send an item via another means to keep from standing in a line for 30 minutes, we will do so. If only one method is acceptable to you, it must be agreed upon BEFORE YOU BID. Don't assume! Shipping and Handling (S&H) means a FIXED charge is agreed upon before the auction. We won't charge more if additional postage is required, and won't refund any variations either. If you feel that you need to add up the stamps and complain about pennies after bidding on a fixed S&H, please go away. Don't laugh, it actually happened. Then she climbed on her broomstick and left a negative feedback, claiming that a few pennies are important to her. We've got better things to do with our time than to deal with that type. Please do everyone a favor, especially yourself. Read the auction information clearly, then abide by it. have a question? Ask it, then bid knowledgeably.  Insurance claims must be reported to us within 15 days in writing. No email. If the item is damaged in transit, it is your responsibility to bring the damage to the attention of the carrier and start a claim.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules. If you find them too rigid, please save us both the hassle. It's our business and our right to run it in a manner we find acceptable. Treat us the way you want to be treated and we'll get along just peachy.


For the non technical types, Market Gold is 24K. 14K Gold would be 14/24 or about 58% Gold. Different metals like Platinum, Silver and Copper are mixed with Gold to change it's workability, color and value. At today's market price of $300 per troy ounce, a gram of 14K Gold would be worth roughly $6 plus the value of the other metals it was mixed with. In most cases that would be another $1-6 dollars. Platinum is added to make White Gold, and it is more valuable than 24K.

So, a 14K Gold ring weighing 2.8 grams has a recoverable metal value of $20-35. This does not consider the craftsman's time to create the ring, or a profit for the Jeweler who sells it, only the metal within.

Silver is common in Jewelry. Pure Silver (99% fine) is too soft and bends too easily for Jewelry. It is commonly mixed with other metals to improve it's workability. This usually results in a .925 pure product. Most Sterling jewelry is marked (.925) for this reason. At market prices around $7.00 an ounce, a gram of Silver is worth less than a quarter. So, a 75 gram watch band might have $15. worth of recoverable metal in it.

There is a huge amount of precious stone information available on the internet. We won't go into jewels here, except to say that almost every color of stone is being made in laboratories now, so due care is necessary when buying. Only the most qualified professionals can tell the difference.

Well, thanks again for your time. Come back again soon.

PS: For those of you with evil intent, we are using the federal authorities to monitor your game playing habits, email activity (the virus's you send) and phone records. Once the warrants are issued, we will prosecute with every means available regardless of the cost. The jails are full of your type and not one of them ever believed that they would be caught.
Update - Ha! He did get caught. He is now facing prosecution for using public commerce to defraud. Hooray!!!! A big cheer for the Federal Authorities and the Florida State Police.